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Soloflyt.com is all about what I love to do best: Eat, Travel, and a little Rest & Relaxation all by myself, with loved ones, group of friends, and as well as officemates. I would love to share these experiences to you, and I would love to learn from your experiences too. I started traveling at a very young age since my family is all over the Philippines. This could have been where my confidence started to build up, especially when I get to travel solo. Traveling all by myself gives me the opportunity to immerse myself more, because of full control of my own time and pace, especially that I’m very interested in learning about the culture of other’s and their way of life. But indeed, as the saying goes “No man is an island”, which is why I also love to travel in groups, since it can be more fun and I can just let go of my time and go with the tide. So without much delay; welcome to my site, and do make yourself at home. Please feel free to navigate anywhere and stumble upon any articles that you may find interesting. And to stay up-to-date with our latest posts, including any promotions that are related to the travel industry, subscribe to my newsletter.

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Mark V Ybanez

My Best & Unforgettable Travel Experiences

aircraft would usually burn fuel by doing orbits, to prevent fire during emergency landings. I was just silent and did all efforts to keep my composure, although I actually felt like almost having a heart attack.
My Scariest Cebu Pacific Air Flight Experience!
The experience was totally out of this world. I never felt so much relaxed, especially all that you do whenever there is free time, is just reflect, meditate, and should you wish to learn more about Korean Buddhism,
Templestay at International Seon Center
The people are Kind, Courteous, Honest... best of all, their FOOD; it’s all over the place, and everything seemed to taste very good!! Per my online research during the preparation phase of my trip to Taiwan; they are like the...
I Traveled to Taipei for only PhP 7,622.13