Toast Cafe, Cuarto Hotel

The first time I’ve ever visited Toast Café was last September 21st, 2015. And since then, this hotel restaurant became our all-time-favorite; to my close friends, and my beloved agents. It is very accessible, and it has a very cozy…

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Feria, Radisson Blu Cebu

Feria has always been our restaurant of choice for our company’s related events and rewards. And definitely, this restaurant is not at par on keeping up with market competitiveness when now they are offering unlimited drinks, such as fruit juices,…

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Kublai Khan, Ayala Center Cebu

Just as usual, today was another ordinary excellent and efficient service. If it’s your first time to dine at this restaurant, I would suggest starting if off with KK’s “Check-a-Bowl” (Price P140).Ordering is easyJust get a piece of “check-a-bowl” paper…

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Rokurinsha Tokyo Ramen Street

Located underneath’s Tokyo Station, you will find “Rokurinsha” – where one of the best Ramen that you can find underground’s Tokyo’s labyrinth Ramen Street.Usually there’s a long line, and the number that you see on the ground provides an estimate…

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Hanaya Yohei

Just like other Japanese Restaurant, our meal was beautifully and delicately presented. We came here to satisfy my cravings for Zaru Soba, and so we ordered some set meals that comes with nigiri sushi, shrimp & vegetable tempura, misu soup…

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Tokyo Skytree

A visit to this Guinness recorded landmark can be exhausting especially on a very busy weekend because this is one of the spots, here in Japan, that are really flooded by tourists. If you want to avoid waiting dreadfully in…

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