The AMMA Indian Restaurant, Seodaemun-gu

Through wandering, I found another jewel of deliciousness – another authentic Indian Restaurant hidden at the 2nd floor of a building in Sinchon, the “AmmA Indian [& Nepali] Resturant”. This restaurant is located at: 57-64, Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu | 2~3F, Seoul, South Korea Phone: +82 2-332-9302 And what was so unforgettable about this restaurant was the Indian waiter, who was very […]

Hongik University, Seoul South Korea

Monday came, but  my flight was not until 10:15PM, via the same airline – Cebu Pacific Air. I checked-out from Jun Ho’s condominium few minutes pass the hour of 10AM. And since, I still have a full day to wander, I decided to go to Hongik University at  Hongdae. Getting there was no fuss, since it is very accessible via […]

Cafe by the Ruins; a romantic threesome valentine’s dinner

After doing our research online and after reading good reviews about Cafe by the Ruins, we made sure we don’t miss this one out. The place was just perfect for a romantic threesome valentine’s dinner. The light was dim, the breeze was cold, and the place was cozy with a candle lit table for 3. The order was just a […]

Chocolate De Batirol – our trio date on a Valentines’ Day

The place was just perfect and exactly the one that we were looking for our trio date on a Valentines’ Day. It was really romantic, simple and yet very elegant. And although it could get really cold, since it doesn’t have any concrete or wooden walls, the hot cup of chocolate somehow gave warmth, although this “Traditional Blend” hot choco, […]

Magsaysay Market – local delicacies, and souvenirs

The jeepney (from the farm) that we took went straight to Magsaysay Market. And so we dropped by, to look for more “Pasalubong” as well as to go for street food searching adventure to fill in our empty tummies. There are a lot of local delicacies, and souvenirs inside the market, and since they are positioned next to each other, […]

Starbucks at Camp John Hay: One of the best locations…

The Starbucks at Camp John hay gave us a totally different Starbucks experienced. Its ambiance brought us to some place that one would not expect to exist in a hot tropical climate. The feeling was kind-of out of this place, as if we were in a different country. Inside, just at the entrance, is a big fireplace and although this […]

Toast Cafe, Cuarto Hotel – our all-time-favorite!

The first time I’ve ever visited Toast Café was last September 21st, 2015. And since then, this hotel restaurant became our all-time-favorite; to my close friends, and my beloved agents. It is very accessible, and it has a very cozy atmosphere. The space is intimate and not overcrowded. The food is good and just enough for the price that you […]

How to Order a Check-a-Bowl at Kublai Khan

Just as usual, today was another ordinary excellent and efficient service. If it’s your first time to dine at this restaurant, I would suggest starting if off with KK’s “Check-a-Bowl” (Price P140). Ordering is easy Just get a piece of “check-a-bowl” paper and a pencil at the counter, and look for your most comfortable and preferred table. For each category, […]

Rokurinsha, the underground Tokyo’s labyrinth Ramen Street

Located underneath’s Tokyo Station, you will find “Rokurinsha” – where one of the best Ramen that you can find underground’s Tokyo’s labyrinth Ramen Street. Usually there’s a long line, and the number that you see on the ground provides an estimate on how long it would take for you to get served. Once you’re near the entrance, an attendant will […]