Very Easy Tourist Visa Application to Taipei, Taiwan

most of the attractions and tourist sites are FREE, and if not, it’s just for a very minimal FEE such as the Taipei Zoo, which is the biggest one in Asia and yet only charges NTD 60 for each adult ticket. And, best of all, their FOOD; it’s all over the place, and everything seemed to taste very good

A Threesome Romantic Valentines at Clark City in Angeles

Philippine Airlines opened a new route to Clark, from Cebu, and offered an introductory price that is so irresistible that the 3 of us, without any hesitation, succumbed. Furthermore, it was also the time of the year where Angeles city holds its annual Hot Air Balloon festival, where one of its day’s activities happens to fall a day or two […]

Rokurinsha, the underground Tokyo’s labyrinth Ramen Street

Located underneath’s Tokyo Station, you will find “Rokurinsha” – where one of the best Ramen that you can find underground’s Tokyo’s labyrinth Ramen Street. Usually there’s a long line, and the number that you see on the ground provides an estimate on how long it would take for you to get served. Once you’re near the entrance, an attendant will […]

Haneda International Airport T1 Observation Deck

Aside from NAIA and Narita, Haneda were the only major airports that I’ve been so far. And I am not going to lie to you; I love airplanes, and I just find it really amazing how these things could fly. This observation deck is definitely the closest encounter that so far, I’ve ever experienced watching them take off and land. […]

Tokyo Disneyland, where “Magic Happens”

Since it was a weekend, do expect to queue in most rides, that usually last about 30 minutes and could even go over an hour. But now worries, while waiting in line, you can always ask one of your buddies to secure a “FASTPASS” for your next attraction. The FASTPASS FastPass is a ticket that gives you priority access/line to […]