Chocolate De Batirol – our trio date on a Valentines’ Day

Chocolate De Batirol – our trio date on a Valentines’ Day

The place was just perfect and exactly the one that we were looking for our trio date on a Valentines’ Day. It was really romantic, simple and yet very elegant. And although it could get really cold, since it doesn’t have any concrete or wooden walls, the hot cup of chocolate somehow gave warmth, although this “Traditional Blend” hot choco, to me, tasted more like 2 sachets of “Milo”. I couldn’t compare it to “Swiss miss” since it has been ages since I last tasted one. I was actually expecting for a “thicker” consistency, with a slightly bitter taste, especially that I’m in to black coffee and dark chocolates. On the other hand, the “Suman sa Lihia” tasted really good. Suman sa lihiya is made of white glutinous rice, wrapped in and tied with banana leaves, and cooked in water with Lye.

This café is located inside Camp John Hay, and for your reservation needs and inquiries, they can be reached at 0917-877-1427 or 0917-877-1428. You may also send them an email at:

We were full, and so we decided to burn some calories so we would have room for a cup of coffee over some pastries at The Manor, Camp John Hay. We took a walk from Chocolate De Batirol while adoring some scenic spots, including its world class Jack Niclaus-designed golf course. We also picked some pine cones along the way, aside from taking photos from every angles.

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