Haneda International Airport T1 Observation Deck

Haneda International Airport T1 Observation Deck

Aside from NAIA and Narita, Haneda were the only major airports that I’ve been so far. And I am not going to lie to you; I love airplanes, and I just find it really amazing how these things could fly.

This observation deck is definitely the closest encounter that so far, I’ve ever experienced watching them take off and land. We went there at around 8PM, and despite the 14 degrees Celsius temperature and wearing just a shirt and a muffler around my neck; we stayed until about 10PM. There are a lot of things to do inside the airport and almost all of the establishments are accessible to the general public. Although the airport is operating 24×7, some of the stores were already closed, so they can keep up with their daily maintenance routine.

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