How to Order a Check-a-Bowl at Kublai Khan

How to Order a Check-a-Bowl at Kublai Khan

Just as usual, today was another ordinary excellent and efficient service. If it’s your first time to dine at this restaurant, I would suggest starting if off with KK’s “Check-a-Bowl” (Price P140).

Ordering is easy

  1. Just get a piece of “check-a-bowl” paper and a pencil at the counter, and look for your most comfortable and preferred table.
  2. For each category, there is a specific number of items that you need to check, and once done,
  3. Just go back to the cashier and return the piece of paper, and pay. It’s that easy.


And by the way, one piece of paper is just good for one order. You can have a glass of Iced Tea or Lemon for this size, however, if your order is just too spicy, I would definitely suggest going bottomless (unlimited) on your drink; the price is just twice from a regular tall glass that cost P30 to P35 pesos.

They open at 11AM at the 3rd level of Ayala Center Cebu. They are located at the terraces. They also have branches in SM City – Cebu, and Park Mall.

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