Magsaysay Market – local delicacies, and souvenirs

Magsaysay Market – local delicacies, and souvenirs

The jeepney (from the farm) that we took went straight to Magsaysay Market. And so we dropped by, to look for more “Pasalubong” as well as to go for street food searching adventure to fill in our empty tummies. There are a lot of local delicacies, and souvenirs inside the market, and since they are positioned next to each other, haggling couldn’t be easier especially one can just hop from one store to another. Right after shopping, we had a light mid-morning breakfast at one of the “carenderias” nearby.

Walking our way back to Hotel Urban, we passed by one of my childhood’s favorite – the “binatog”. It is made of corn kernel (usually the white type), that was boiled and drained. It is then topped with grated coconut and a dash of salt or a spoon of sugar is added, depending on your taste.

We still have few destinations in our itineraries that we would like to visit. Right after packing our bags, we took a short nap, and then had brunch in the hotel. The staff were very kind enough to convert our breakfast into brunch, since according to them they knew we were out early to go to the strawberry farm.

Right after eating, we took our bags and then checked-out, leaving our bags behind the check-in counter at the hotel lobby. We went straight to Chocolate de Batirol to start our threesome celebration of Valentine’s Day.

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