Mine’s View Park; observatory to the mountains of Baguio

Mine’s View Park; observatory to the mountains of Baguio

Our main itinerary in the morning was to buy “Pasalubong” and souvenirs, so that we would know how much space we will have left in our bags, and most importantly, how much money we will have left that we can spend on anything, especially food. And, this is our 2nd day here in Baguio City, Monday, February 13, 2017

Mine’s View Park: Our first destination for the day

This place is like an observatory to the mountains of Baguio. There is not much to do, aside from trying their local delicacies and shopping for some souvenirs. Be sure to haggle hard since their displays are a little pricey than purchasing them someplace else. And, don’t forget to try the Strawberry shake, which is sold just at the left side of the gate after you enter it.

Going to this tourist spot is easy. We walked all the way to Session Road, and from there we took a jeepney with a signboard that says “Mine’s View”. The cost of the fare is only PHP 10.00 per person. Don’t hesitate to ask the locals for directions. They are very friendly.

Good Shepherd Convent, Baguio City: Yes! Even the bad asses are welcome too…

If you are looking for Ube (Purple Yam) Jam, then this is the place to be. To avoid heavy queues, go early in the morning, as it gets really crowded during midday and towards late afternoon. And just at the entrance, freshly picked oranges and strawberries are also available for sale.

This place is very accessible by foot from Mine’s View; after exiting the Park, just turn right and then go straight until you see a signage (to your right).

Since our bag is already heavy, we headed back to our hotel. We took a jeepney from Good Shepherd to Session Road and paid the same fare, PHP 10.00 per person. We then had a late complimentary breakfast at Urban Hotel.

About Urban Hotel; Our accommodation of choice

Urban Hotel and Superclub is a 3-star hotel located at the RFT Building, Kayang Extension, Naguillan Road, 2600 Baguio City. It is a very accessible hotel, not just to nearby tourist attractions, but also to public transportations since it is just at the highway. The hotel employs very nice, friendly, and accommodating staffs. They were also attentive to your needs, especially when we needed to have our toilet cleaned; a room attendant was sent right away.

We booked this hotel through booking.com, which is our primary choice for hotels bookings. Based on experience, its listings always provide the option to pay at the hotel lobby since they will only pre-authorize your credit or debit card. And for a certain period of time, an option to cancel for free, is also available, thereby saving you the hassles should in case you need to change your itinerary.


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