Odawara Castle; resembles that of a Disney movie, Mulan

Odawara Castle; resembles that of a Disney movie, Mulan

As of our visit last November of 2015, the castle was undergoing restoration. It was wrapped with scaffolding and what appeared to be a huge mosquito “net” for everyone’s safety.

So let just put my imagination to work; the castle’s façade is a huge, heavy staircase made of stone which resembles that of a Disney movie, Mulan when Mulan was marching towards the emperor in recognition of her service to her country. It was sun down and the sky was almost dark, and everyone was cheering for the girl’s victory…

Ok, going back to reality… To the right of the castle (if you’re facing it) is a museum where at the 2nd floor it houses memorabilia, such as head gears, army suits, swords that dates back to as far as the 16th century. In the same building, at the 1st floor, is their souvenir shop as well as the sets of wardrobes that you can try and dress yourself up, as one of the Samurai swordsman, for your selfies or photo shoot. Using these costume comes with a very minimal fee, which I assume is use for its maintenance.

Feel free to tour around the area while taking unlimited shots and should you ever get tired; hot and cold refreshments are available in one of the vending machines located at the exit, near one of their toilets/restrooms.

The castle is located at:

6-1 Jonai, Odawara 250-0014, Kanagawa Prefecture
Phone: +81 465-22-3818
Odawara Castle – Wikipedia

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