15.6 Inch Best Business Laptop Backpack - Professional Backpack Mens (USB Charging)

best business laptop backpack

15.6 Inch Best Business Laptop Backpack - Professional Backpack Mens (USB Charging)

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Backpacks offer a lot of benefits whether you use it as a laptop backpack for travel, as a business laptop backpack, or a backpack for everyday use. It offers a lot of comfort, since most of the weight is carried by your body, since they are designed to evenly distribute its weight load on your shoulders and hips, or your body as a whole. Aside from that, it frees both of your hands so you can do other stuff, while on the go.



Multifunction: There are 3 ways to use these business laptop bags; you can carry it at the top handle, or the side, or carry it as a back pack for more convenience. It can also easily accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop and it has a USB Charging slot on the side, so you can charge your phones or tablets while on the go.

Breathable Back: Feel more comfortable with the backpack’s multi-layer 9-point guide airflow design that reduces a large area of contact between the backpack and your back, making it a best laptop backpack for travel or for everyday use.

Water Repellent: It’s high-quality nylon fabric will ensure that this backpack will not get wet easily, since water droplets will just automatically slide down, giving you the confidence to walk freely during light rainy weathers or days.

Anti-scratch: Wear your backpack with more confidence – it features an anti-scratch leather appearance; it is made from high-density anti-scratch material, preserving its aesthetic beauty for a long period of time.

Other Features: This slim laptop backpack also features anti-theft technology by blocking RFID signals, so the data on your cards are harder to read from a distance. It has a hidden slot pocket inside so you can neatly organize your phone, wallets, and or other valuable items. The handle has a convenient card slot, so your favorite card or card are within reach, without the need to unzip your bag.



Brand Name: BOPAI
Model Number: 751-006631
Material: Nylon + Microfiber
Lining Material: Polyester
Shoulder Strap: 85cm
Capacity: 20 - 35 Liters
Laptop Size: Accommodates 15.6 Inch Laptop
Closure Type: Zipper
Expandable: Yes, up to additional 6cm
Other details can be seen in the photos.



1 x BOPAI Laptop Backpack

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