Multipurpose Infrared Thermometer for Fever - Infrared Thermometer Cooking Water Room Food Temperature

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Multipurpose Infrared Thermometer for Fever - Infrared Thermometer Cooking Water Room Food Temperature

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Taking temperature using an infrared thermometer for fever is more hygienic because it is contactless - it prevents cross contamination from touching another person's body surfaces, which could greatly help in the prevention of the spread of any diseases. Temperature measurements are also faster, since it'll only take few seconds to know the result.

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Measurement Distance: Take temperatures from a distance of 1-3 cm from the forehead; no need to touch. Suitable for babies, infants, kids, children, adults, and a lot more.

Multipurpose: This infrared forehead thermometer can also be used to take temperature of pets, and since it is contactless, there is no need to worry about its surface getting contaminated with any bacteria, germs, or virus. This can also be used to measure the heat of milk, water, food, and even your room temperature.

User-friendly: This temperature gauge is very easy to use. It has one (1) key measurement, with tri-color backlight that indicates normal temperature (green), slightly above normal temperature (orange), and high temperature (red). And, it automatically turns off, if not used for about 15 seconds, so you can save on batteries.

Accuracy: Using Germany precision probes, this infrared thermometer accuracy is about ±0.2℃, and its high-level of accuracy is maintained by using two (2) modes of measurements: body mode (for human), and object mode (for water, milk, food temperature, and so on).



Can you use infrared thermometer on humans?
Infrared thermometers do not produce radiation, on the contrary IR thermometers measure the infrared energy produced by us. We and everything around us emit a certain level of infrared energy and as the temperature of our body rises, we produce more infrared energy. []

How to use non contact infrared thermometer?
Depending on the manufacturer, all of them are very easy to use. You just have to turn it on, point it a few centimeter or inches from the forehead or the object, and push a certain button to take the temperature.

How to check accuracy of infrared thermometer?
All IR thermometers have certain degrees of errors, and these are indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging. To test the accuracy of the degree of the errors, you may also compare its reading if you have a manual thermometer, the one that uses mercury.



Brand: Cofoe
Model No: KF-HW-001
Memory Capacity: 50 Measurements
Measurement Time: less than 2 Seconds
Accuracy: ±2 degrees Celsius
Automatic Shutdown: less than 15 Seconds
Measurement Distance: 1 - 3 cm
Battery: 2 * AAA Alkaline Battery (Not included in the package)
Size: 138mm x 95 mm x 40mm

Tri-color Indicator
34.0 - 37.3 - Green
37.4 - 38.0 - Orange
38.1 - 42.9 - Red



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