Portable Nebulizer | Nebulizer for Kids | Nebulizer for Baby, Adults | Nebulizer Asthma

portable nebulizer

Portable Nebulizer | Nebulizer for Kids | Nebulizer for Baby, Adults | Nebulizer Asthma

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For anyone who has a respiratory illness, a portable nebulizer will provide a quick, efficient, and effective way to get relieve from the illness’ symptoms. And, using a personal and portable nebulizer, will somehow give you more confidence, to go on with your activities of daily living, knowing your prescribe medication, to provide you fast relief from inflammation allowing you to breathe easier, is within your reach. If you’re looking for the best nebulizer, kindly read through the features of what our nebulizer can do to help you.

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Portability: This nebulizer is small and lightweight, and easy to carry anywhere, and even with its small-size, it is capable of dispersing a large fog to make it easier to absorbed. It also features USB charging, so you don’t need to worry about the nebulizer going out of battery, and making it convenient to carry during holidays, or when traveling.

Easy to Use: It operates by pressing only one button, and it has a low noise design. Its running sound is close to 0db.

Superfine: Its nebulizing rate is at >= 0.15ml/min.


Nebulization Procedure (Operation Method)

1. Take out the nebulizer and make sure that the power is off.
2. Follow the arrow at the top of the cover of the liquid cup, rotate it counterclockwise, loosen and open the cover.
3. Tighten the liquid cup cover clockwise.
4. Add appropriate amount of liquid and make sure it doesn’t exceed the maximum scale of liquid cup.
5. Install the mask or mouthpiece.
6. Turn the nebulizer on and start to nebulizer.


How to Clean the Portable Nebulizer

1. Don’t use running water to directly rinse the cup. Add appropriate amount of pure warm water in the liquid cup (it is recommended to not exceed 40℃/104°F) after each use. Don’t use distilled water or purified water that has been filtered several times.
2. Please note that the “host” or body cannot be cleaned with water, so please remove the detachable liquid cup for individual cleaning, which you can immerse into water for no more than 10 minutes.
3. Do not touch the spray mesh / interface with cotton swab, toothpick, and other sharp things.


Important Reminders About Charging

* Please make sure that the nebulizer is “fully charged” before starting the nebulizer.
* Before storing for a long period of time, full charge the nebulizer first.
* Turning the nebulizer “on” when the battery has been exhausted, may have an impact in the use of the nebulizer.


Important Reminders

* Please clean the nebulizer after each use and to prevent the drug residue from blocking the holes.
* Please test the machine with mineral water or saline; don’t use purified water.
* Please disinfect the liquid cup, cover, spray interface, mouthpiece, nebulizer mask after each use.



Brand Name: Cofoe
Model Number: 360mini
Product Type: Compressor Nebulizer Machine
Size: 41mm x 40mm x 91mm
Weight: 110g
Application: Cough, Nasal Congestion, Asthma



1 x Nebulizer
1 x Children Mask
1 x Mouthpiece Nebulizer
1 x Adult Mask
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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