Rokurinsha, the underground Tokyo’s labyrinth Ramen Street

Rokurinsha, the underground Tokyo’s labyrinth Ramen Street

Located underneath’s Tokyo Station, you will find “Rokurinsha” – where one of the best Ramen that you can find underground’s Tokyo’s labyrinth Ramen Street.

Usually there’s a long line, and the number that you see on the ground provides an estimate on how long it would take for you to get served. Once you’re near the entrance, an attendant will present the menu and just at the left side of the door, is a machine where you will place your order as well as pay for your order. Get your meal ticket, wait to be seated, provide the attendant your ticket and wait for your order to arrive.

Have a taste of “Tsukemen” – a ramen where the noodles is cold and separated from the broth when served. It’s a taste bud tingling experience that would keep you salivating after each bite. When you’ve eaten up your noodles, just tell the attendant that you would like to take a sip of the broth so they can add some water and thin the mixture.

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