Strawberry Picking on Valentine’s Day at La Trinidad

Strawberry Picking on Valentine’s Day at La Trinidad

Valentine’s Day it is, and according to SunStar Baguio, “The highlands gave lovers a freezing Valentine’s Day” due to its temperature reaching a record low of 8 degrees Celsius. Well, that’s okay and we were loving that since we were not lovers any way; we were friends who loves each other! Today is Tuesday, February 14, 2017, our 3rd day gallavanting here in Baguio City.

Our “very” early morning started with picking strawberries at one of the Farms in La Trinidad. Going there was very easy, since the Jeepneys or the Public Transportation that passes by that area were only few meters away from Hotel Urban – the hotel where we stayed at. It was just at the adjacent street and the fare was only P11.00 each. The travel time was just less than an hour ride from the city proper, and I would suggest going there at around 6 or 7am to avoid the heavy traffic within the city. Don’t forget to bring your scarfs or jackets, since the early morning breeze could get really, really cold.

Don’t forget to try the freshly prepared “pinipig” that was cooked together with a “sticky rice” – it was really yummy, and I’d say perfect for a cup of black coffee, since it’s a little sweet. It’s like a sticky rice cake, or so called “biko” in our native dialect, but with a twist of “pinipig”. The “sundot kulangot” (in the middle), which literally translates to “pick booger”, was quite fun to eat, and tasty too. And of course, strawberry ice cream to make your head even colder…

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