The 20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival

The 20th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival

Continuation from Day 1: Sunday, February 12, 2017… Right after we had brunch at Reyes Barbecue, at SM City Clark, we went straight to one of the duty free shops at clark for a very quick shopping spree… and, we headed straight to Clark Airfield for the 20th Hot Air Baloon Fiesta!

This year’s Philippine International Hot Air Balloon was held at the Clark Airfield, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga. It was a week-long activity that started on February 9, 2017. We attended the last day of the event, which was also the day that we arrived in the city, February 12, 2017.

Right after doing some shopping in one of their Duty Free shops, we went to Clark Airfield early, so we can reserve a good spot that offers a good view of the balloons. General admission tickets cost PHP 350.00 per person and this gave us access to the Fiesta grounds. It also came with free product samples, which were given at the point of entry. VIP tickets were also available at the rate of PHP 6000.00 per person.

Hot Air Balloon flying is a fair weather condition activity, and as we did not expect, the balloons were not allowed to fly. It was a windy Sunday late afternoon, and with all hopes and prayers poured out, the safety of everyone was prioritized. On the contrary, we didn’t leave with a broken heart. Since they still inflated the balloons, we were still satisfied just by looking at its enormous sizes, as they lighted the dark surroundings in different colors.

Moreover, there were a lot of activities that were shown, and we were happy enough to have witnessed:

  • Helicopter Display Show,
  • Sean Clarke Super Decathlon Aerobatic Show,
  • ACFC Ultralight/Microlight Aircraft Formation Flights,
  • PPHGA Tandem Paragliding,
  • Twinz Paramotor Light Show,
  • Cultural Exchange Concert, and
  • Fireworks Display.


Right after the Fireworks Display, which was around 7:30PM, we hurriedly left the venue since to avoid the rush especially that we were only commuting by a public transportation. Since our tummy is already full from eating all kinds of stuff at the festival, we went straight to DAU terminal after picking up our things at SM City, Clark. The jeepney fare from Clark Airfield to SM City, Clark was only PHP 13.00 per person.

SM City, Clark to Dau Terminal (for Buses going to Baguio City)

Going to Dau Terminal from Clark is very easy. Your access point is SM City, Clark, since the terminal to Dau is just near this mall, and the jeepney fare is only PHP 8.00 per person. However, you need to move fast, since local appeared to don’t know how to queue. You may have to bump each other for you to get a space. And finally, just inform the driver about your drop off point (Dau terminal).

How to Get to Baguio City from Clark, Pampanga

Baguio City is known to be the Summer Capital of the Philippines, as well as the Pine Capital of the Philippines. And for what reasons? That I don’t know. What we know is that Baguio has a cool climate all year round, which was one of our major reasons for visiting the place. This was actually my 2nd visit to Baguio, and if I were to choose a place where I would relocate, this is the place to be. If I were to describe Baguio City, all I can say is that it’s like a small city or town in Japan. It somewhat also smells like Japan, and they also have a busy street where people, in fashionable clothing and jackets, are busy walking and minding their own business. But don’t get me wrong, they are very hospitable and friendly, especially when we had to ask for some directions, they were very patient and detailed.

Dau Terminal to Baguio City

For our bus fare, we paid PHP 306.00 per person and we left Dau Terminal at around 8:00PM. We had a quick stop over at Tarlac City for a quick “bio” break, aside from shopping for some quick “to go” foods which is readily available at Jollibee and other vendors, to fill in our hungry tummy. We had another stopover in La Union, and this was a little longer than the first. This is another good place to empty your bladders, or what not, and to shop for some more food to munch during the trip. We arrived at Baguio City passed 12 midnight. We got a cab, paid PHP 50.00 to the driver, and did a late check-in at Hotel Urban. We did a little unpacking, freshened-up and went straight to dreamland.


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