Time Travel at Kawagoe Ichibangai Shopping Street

Time Travel at Kawagoe Ichibangai Shopping Street

Immerse yourself back in time and experience the old Japan, just like in the Edo period. If you’re riding one of the tour buses, just tell the driver to drop you at the “old town”. Here you will find old structures, such as storehouses, temples, offices and etc.… that were very well preserved. You can also find a lot of young ladies dress in traditional kimonos plodding the streets. Feel free to ask them for a photo shoot with you.

Should you plan to visit not just the old town, you might want to start early, since some of these attractions are not quite close to each other. And lastly, don’t hesitate to come on an empty stomach, so you have a lot of room to fill in Kawagoe’s local delicacies.

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