Tokyo Disneyland, where “Magic Happens”

Tokyo Disneyland, where “Magic Happens”

Since it was a weekend, do expect to queue in most rides, that usually last about 30 minutes and could even go over an hour. But now worries, while waiting in line, you can always ask one of your buddies to secure a “FASTPASS” for your next attraction.


FastPass is a ticket that gives you priority access/line to an attraction or ride; an alternative to queuing and waiting in line. It is very easy to secure. Just place your ticket into the FASTPASS machine and get another ticket with a return time (time you should go back so you can take advantage of the priority access) while you enjoy other areas of the Park. You will know if an attraction offers such feature because on your map/guide, this will be marked with “FP”. Tokyo Disney Resort’s website provides more information about this and a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

Food & Restaurant

Just like other theme parks, bringing of Food & Drinks from the outside, is strictly prohibited. But you have nothing to worry, your tummy can never go hungry since there are a lot of restaurants and refreshments available. They made it easy on your pockets too since they accept all major credit cards, including JCB Debit Cards.

Important Reminders

Don’t forget to check the ENTERTAINMENT SCHEDULE so you have an idea about what the Park prepared for the day, especially that some of these activities overlap with each other.

And if a day in the park wouldn’t be enough, you can always check the GUEST RELATIONS WINDOWS on how to upgrade your park ticket so you can go back the next day at a discounted rate.

And lastly, if you’re travelling by train, don’t forget to check what time the last train leaves, so you can maximize your time.
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