Tokyo Skytree, a Guinness recorded landmark

Tokyo Skytree, a Guinness recorded landmark

A visit to this Guinness recorded landmark can be exhausting especially on a very busy weekend because this is one of the spots, here in Japan, that are really flooded by tourists. If you want to avoid waiting dreadfully in long lines, you could always opt to purchase a “Fast Skytree Ticket” which only cost JPY780 on top of the regular walk-in ticket price of JPY2060 (ticket prices quoted are for adults). And these tickets, so called “TEMBO DECK” tickets, can be can be purchased at the 4th floor, while the “TEMBO GALLERIA” tickets, which will costs an additional JPY1030, can be purchased at the 350th floor. The “Tembo Galleria” galleria is the top most floor of the Skytree that is accessible to the general public.

The elevator ride was truly amazing; where other building’s elevators goes up by feet; this one, goes up by 5 to 10 or more meters.

Should you wish to have a good view of its surroundings, including Mt Fuji visit the tower during the day. Or, if you are more into city lights then during night time would be the best.

Activities Inside

There are a lot of things that you can do inside the tower, aside from shopping for souvenirs at floors 1, 5 and 345; you can eat your hearts out at a Skytree Restaurants at floors 340 and 350, or have a cozy cuisine while enjoying an astonishing view from the 345th floor.

Take an “air walk” from 445th floor up to 450th on a 110-meter sloped with audio effects that changes together with the weather and season. Upon reaching 450th floor, be a little more adventurous by trying the “SORAKARA POINT” that will give you a sensation of floating, with its ethereal lighting and mirrored walls.

Hours Of Operations

Make sure to savor your time and capture all the moments before leaving since re-entry is not allowed. Lastly, it’s Hours of Operations: 8:00AM to 10:00PM (Entry is permitted until 9:00PM) and they are open every day.

Sway with the building and enjoy!

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