Valentine Afternoon at The Manor at Camp John Hay

Valentine Afternoon at The Manor at Camp John Hay

We arrived at The Manor, with our tummy still full! The walking did not burn enough calories; the cold weather must have been the culprit. So instead of loading up with more, we went around the hotel and ended up taking unlimited photos. It was a Valentine afternoon and the staffs were busy preparing and beautifying the place for an event.

According to its website, “The Manor at Camp John Hay offers you the ultimate R&R experience. Its 177 luxury rooms with impressive interiors and lush view continue to wow visitors from all over the world. Dine and indulge at The Manor’s Le Chef Restaurant and Delicatessen by award-winning Chef Billy King or relax and sit by the fireplace at the Piano Bar & Lounge to complete your 5-star hotel experience.” This hotel can be best booked through because based on experience, its listings always provide the option to pay at the hotel lobby since they will only pre-authorize your credit or debit card. And for a certain period of time, an option to cancel for free, is also available, thereby saving you any hassles should in case you need to change your itinerary.

We then went to SM City Baguio to look for strawberry “taho” and we headed straight to Café by the Ruins. Taho” is a Philippine snack food made of fresh soft/silken tofu, arnibal, and sago pearl. This staple comfort food is a signature sweet and taho peddlers can be found all over the country. The Indonesian equivalent of this snack is Tauhue, and the Malaysian equivalent of this snack is called Taufufah. Source: Wikipedia.

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