Xiangshan District to Taoyuan International Airport

Xiangshan District to Taoyuan International Airport

Just how time flies if you’re having so much fun; the 3 days and 3 nights was just not enough. But, it’s always best to leave some “foods”, something left undiscovered behind, so one will always have some reasons to go back. From Xiangshan Station (station that is accessible to the Elephant Mountain), I headed straight to the Taipei Main Station so I can change train and take the Taoyuan Airport MRT.

Depending on your extra time before your flight, there are 2 options that you can take, which would also depend on your budget.

The Commuter vs The Express Trains.

The Commuter Train is more affordable; however, it stops at every station until it gets to Taoyuan. Its total travel time is approximately 70 minutes. On the other hand, the Express Train stops at fewer stations and its travel time is approximately 40 minutes; but, it’s much more expensive.

Since I still have ample time before my flight, I took the Commuter train where I only paid NT $90, which appeared to be at a promotional price.

The stores at Taoyuan International Airport doesn’t operate 24×7; however, the 7-11 at the lower ground is. So, be sure to take all the food that you can get, since there will be no more turning back once you pass immigration. Flight delays are sometimes unexcepted, and the pre-departure area can only provide hot/cold drinks through its numerous vending machines



While waiting for my flight back to the Philippines, I have come to realized how lovely the people of Taiwan are. Looking back when it was my very first time to ride the Taipei Metro, I was looking at the Taiwan Metro Map trying to understand which train to take and which way to go. Looking a little lost, a guy approached me and said, “You will never understand that! Tell me where are you going?” And so, I did and then he gave me the directions and bade goodbye.

On another occasion during my souvenir shopping, a young saleslady sold to me a car charm that is for protection, which is one of the things that I was looking for. I also wanted to buy the same, but for good luck, and so she went over all their displays, and politely told me that there is none available, when she could just simply dupe me since I do not understand a thing from what was written on any of the packaging.

Even their young men appeared gentle as they could; you can observed a lot of them, inside the train, offers their seat to both male or female middle age individuals, or to whoever looked like who needed the seat more.

And lastly, “Xie Xie” – pronounced as ‘she she’ or ‘shay shay’. This phrase seemed to be used a lot wherever you go in Taipei. Unless if you know how to say this words from the heart, you are more than welcome to go and visit Taipei. Xie Xie Taipei! I’ll be back… very soon!

And by the way, the total cost of [the trip] P7,622.13…

And by the way, the total cost of P7,622.13 does not include the food and “pasalubong” (souvenirs). Food consumption varies from person-to-person, and I eat a lot. Below is the breakdown of all the expenses that I incurred:

  • Accommodation P1,206.24
  • Admission P102.00
  • Cebu Transport P200.00
  • Flight Tickets P2,303.09
  • Phil Travel Tax and Terminal Fee P2,370.00
  • Taiwan Transport P1,215.50
  • Telecom P225.30
  • TOTAL PHP 7,622.13
  • .

    For the food, I spent an additional P3,188.66, and P5,984.52 for the “pasalubong” (souvenirs). And also, the Plane Ticket includes my Manila – Cebu flight through Philippine Airlines.

    Do comment below, should you have any questions or clarifications about this article, or send me a direct message, and I’ll see if I have some answers to your inquiries…


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